Don't Wait to Excavate

Schedule professional lot grading services in Falkville, AL

Excavation is an essential step of the construction process. Before your land can be built on, it'll need to be cleared, graded and trenched. That's where J & D Clearing & Dirt Work LLC comes in.

If you need to:

  • Get rid of bothersome stumps or dangerous trees, set up an appointment with us
  • Level the land for your foundation, schedule professional lot grading services
  • Dig a trench for your utility lines, hire our trenching team

Lot sloping, clearing and digging - our property excavation contractor in Falkville, AL can do it all. Call 256-801-5591 now to learn more about our services.

Need a pond for drainage, recreation or livestock purposes?

In addition to offering tree removal, trenching and professional lot grading services, we also provide pond excavation services. To excavate the land for your pond, we'll start by digging test holes to see what's below your topsoil. A certain amount of clay needs to be present in order to build a viable pond. If your land meets the requirements, we'll verify the pond depth and size with you and get to work.

Pond excavation jobs usually take between two and three weeks to complete. The process will be a little longer and more expensive if we have to bring in more clay. To get a free estimate, consult with our property excavation contractor today.